Varibox enters UK market for ‘safe handling’ of chemicals

RPC Promens is introducing its Varibox IBC into the UK and Ireland, designed to provide a ‘safe and cost-effective’ handling solution for hazardous chemicals.

Roto moulded in polyethylene, the Varibox features an inner container enclosed within a ‘strong’ outer cover, and includes a discharge valve to dispense the product without the need to remove a cap.

To meet the needs of the UK and Irish markets, RPC explained that the standard 2-way secured entry pallet has been augmented with the availability of a 4-way secured entry version, allowing greater flexibility in the movement of the container by a forklift or pallet jack.

The internal container can be reused for up to five years. Integrated vents automatically open for safe dispensing, while a pressure release system is available for items that cause a product build-up. The Varibox is available in a choice of colours and can feature company logos.