New AR app looks to use packaging to engage consumers

CARTON board manufacturer, KeCo Foodservice Packaging, has developed a new app designed to allow customers to “capture the imaginations of consumers”.

The company’s new KARROT app uses augmented reality in a bit to engage end user consumers with packaging. The app can utilise video and audio content, graphics and animation to enhance the consumer’s experience.

KeCo said the new app is “perfectly suited” to enhancing packaging concepts aimed at children, and can also be used in product design of disposables aimed at adults, where music and soundbites can be incorporated, along with information about the outlet where the item is purchased, as well as ingredient and dietary information.

John Young, sales and marketing manager at KeCo Foodservice Packaging said, “The KARROT app is an innovative mobile application combining a marketing platform, which allows for the promotion of brands, products, business and services through augmented reality to dynamically deliver interactive content that will engage communication to help propel a brand, product or promotion; or support sales initiatives, awareness and profile.

“Significant investment from KeCo was made to create a dynamic marketing tool which would allow our customers to enhance their brand profile and engage with consumers through promotional and key messaging in a fun and more interactive medium.

“We can work with our customers to create their own personalised content and apply it to their packaging. What’s more, the app also features campaign management and analytics, so campaigns can be analysed too without the additional expense which can often be incurred with determining the success of an initiative.”