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Strap yourself in: whisky distillery automates strapping process

GORDIAN Strapping has announced the firm has supplied an OMS 06RP horizontal strapping machine to a whisky distillery.

The machine applies a single polyester strap to secure six barrels of whisky to a pallet. The barrels are then stored for at least five years until the product is ready for bottling. Previously, they had to be strapped manually using battery powered hand tools. Gordian said that by automating the strapping process, labour can be redeployed elsewhere in the facility and this also ensures that the strapping process is repeatable.

Described as a “proven, high performance, robust machine”, the OMS 06RP was integrated into the production line by Gordian’s engineers with “minimum disruption”.

Features include rear strap alignment bars that Gordian said ensures “accurate, repeatable strap placement” and a rack and pinion system that eliminates the costs involved with chains and poly belts.

The TR1400HD strapping head can apply a maximum tension of 2300N (230kg) and features repeatable strap feeding, which avoids jams and increases up-time. A further feature is the ‘strap in place’ confirmation, meaning a pallet can’t leave the machine without being strapped.

The head is equipped with modular parts that Gordian explained can be swapped out within five minutes in the event of a fault. Heat seal technology means the head can be adjusted to suit different strap specifications, and a major service is only required every 200,000 cycles.


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