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SIG offers on-the-go convenience with Heat&Go packs

THE first product to appear on shelves utilising SIG’s Heat&Go packaging has been launched in South Korea.

South Korea’s Seoul Dairy Cooperative’s (SDC) new ‘Achimae’ Soymilk is soymilk drink with chickpea protein, designed to be served as a warm, on-the-go breakfast.

The 300ml combiblocMini microwaveable pack can be heated up to 60°C and a failsafe mechanism has been incorporated into the packaging, which aims to prevent sudden ruptures if the product is overheated.

Beverages can be filled in Heat&Go carton packs on standard SIG filling machines “with a simple upgrade so that the filler can run standard and aluminum-free material interchangeably”, the aseptic packaging provider said.

Young Lee, head of the beverage marketing team at SDC commented, “Consumers today are looking for on-the-go convenience. The Heat&Go pack from SIG opens up new avenues of innovation and helps us market premium nutritional beverages such our morning chickpea drink for new occasions and through new channels.”

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