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PSE proves commitment to food safety management

Andrew Parkinson

PACKAGING Services Europe (PSE) has announced the successful renewal of its ISO 22000 accreditation.

The provider of wash, inspect and repair services for plastic crates and pallets said the move “serves as an ongoing testament” to the firm’s approach to food safety management practices.

Andrew Parkinson, co-founder of PSE explained, “Renewing our ISO 22000 accreditation is continued testament to our commitment to providing industry-leading customer service. As much of our diverse client base operate within the FMCG sector, achieving this accreditation is an important reminder of our capability within the industry.

“We have built a network of sites which provide a “one stop shop” wash, inspect and repair service for reusable transit packaging such as pallets, crates and bulk containers. By monitoring through the wash process the critical control points such as water temperature, water pressure, detergent concentration and air pressure to ensure we provide a consistent drying result, we are able to deliver a high-quality wash solution. This service is of particular value for FMCG businesses, where food safety management is important.”


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