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Smaller burger box is the “natural” choice

EDINBURGH-headquartered eco packaging manufacturer Vegware has launched a new five-inch burger box, which the company has described as “perfect” for kids’ meals.

The box is to complement Vegware’s popular six-inch burger box. Xanthe Galanis-Hancox, communications manager at Vegware told Packaging Scotland, “Our burger boxes are some of our best selling products at Vegware…but there was really a demand for something a little bit smaller for kids’ meals – in particular for schools and for mini burgers.”

The box is made from bagasse, an eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene, which is made from recycled sugarcane fibres. Xanthe explained, “It’s a waste material from the sugarcane industry, so once sugarcane has been pressed for juice what you’re left with is the fibrous material, which is then turned into a variety of shapes and sizes. We use it for tableware, square and round plates and bowls and also for all our takeaway boxes. It’s really popular; it’s much better than polystyrene for your food. Polystyrene tends to make everything you put inside it quite soggy. Because bagasse is a natural material everything stays hot and crispy so that’s why it’s really popular. It also stacks much easier than polystyrene so if you are running a busy café or canteen, you can stack a lot more in a smaller space.”

Vegware also recently launched its new Close the Loop composting service across the central belt of Scotland, following a successful pilot over the summer. The company is offering to collect its clients’ Vegware packaging and food waste together, which is then taken to GP Recycling in Blantyre and commercially composted.

Xanthe added, “We recognise that while all our packaging is compostable with food waste, it’s not always easy for our clients to find the right place to recycle it.

“Our customers can sign up to our composting collection service and we will collect their food waste and Vegware packaging as many times as they need.”