Beatson Clark makes mini Vimto bottles for Middle East market

British soft drink Vimto has been made available to consumers in the Middle East in special miniature bottles designed and manufactured by UK glass packaging company Beatson Clark.

The drink is particularly popular during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, during which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. In recent year, Vimto has introduced marketing initiatives to coincide with Ramadan, such as personalised bottles. This year the company is promoting packs of 12 miniature bottles.

Beatson Clark was introduced to Vimto by H&A Prestige Bottling, located in Chorley, who sourced the materials, including the replica 70ml bottle designed and manufactured by Beatson Clark.

Matthew Nichols, regional manager Middle East for Vimto international, said, “Vimto is always heavily marketed in the run-up to Ramadan and one of the questions this year was what would we be doing in terms of consumer interaction We wanted to create something different alongside the usual 710ml bottle of Vimto, and one idea was a miniature bottle that would be perfect for a gifting pack.

“So this year miniature replica bottles of Vimto will be sold as a 12-pack at Bloomingdales stores in Dubai and Kuwait. People can give a case as a gift and can personalise the bottle labels for their friends and family too.”

Matthew went on to describe the miniature bottles as looking “absolutely brilliant”.

“We met Beatson Clark a couple of times to go through the designs and the modelling. The process was very streamlined and they were easy to work with – I really got a sense that they would go to any lengths to make sure the customer is satisfied.”

Chris Palmer, business development manager at Beatson Clark, added, “We have many years’ experience of creating glass packaging for the soft drinks industry, and because of our flexible approach we can design and manufacture bespoke bottles at low volumes.

“It’s exciting to think that our miniature Vimto bottles will be taking pride of place during Ramadan celebrations for thousands of Muslims across the Middle East in the coming weeks.”