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Baby food success is no pot luck


RPC Superfos has claimed the convenience and barrier properties of the firm’s injection moulded SuperLock polypropylene pot have proved the “ideal solution” for a new range of organic baby foods available in Sweden.

Danish entrepreneur Silvia Wulff devised the Lovemade range, which comprises eight varieties all locally produced.

Silvia chose the SuperLock packaging solution, holding 215 ml of product with a 95 mm diameter lid. As a mother of two, she knows how difficult it can be to feed a baby if the food container is too narrow.

“In terms of giving parents an ease-of-use experience the diameter is important,” she said. “The SuperLock pot is the right size, making it easy to stir, get a spoon in and the baby food out. Add to this the click-on screw-off lid makes it hassle-free to open and re-close the pot.”

RPC said the barrier labels of the SuperLock pot provide a long shelf life, enabling the products to be placed in stores under ambient temperatures alongside competing products sold in glass.

Silvia added, “Plastic has low weight which means reduced transportation costs and reduced environmental impact. I also appreciate the fact that SuperLock is suitable for autoclaving, so we can ensure suitable shelf life and at the same time deliver pure and natural products, avoiding the need for additives or preservatives. In addition, the pot can be re-used at home multiple times, which adds value to our product.”