Collaborative robot lends a helping hand


FANUC has launched its new CR-35iA collaborative robot, which has been fitted with hand guidance capability, at the PPMA Total Show.

The firm said users can “easily and intuitively” instruct the robot in individual handling operations and complete movements without any programming. Fanuc added that employees need to spend less time training robots – or being trained to program them.Using the hand guidance unit to guide the robot by hand, robot moves can be preset into the CR-35iA without the “complexity” of programming.

The product has a 35kg payload and can assist with high payload handling, assembly, component feeding and workpiece loading and unloading tasks that have historically been carried out manually.

Fanuc said key target areas include automation assembly lines, metalworking and packaging. An important safety feature is that the robot has intelligent sensors, which automatically stop the robot if it touches a human operator.