UPAC ‘evolution’ gathers pace

CCC sales team

SINCE 2011,The UPAC Group has been extremely proactive in the acquisition and/or merging of multiple companies within the Scottish packaging industry.

While looking to expand their manufacturing capabilities, UPAC snapped up The Colour Carton Company (CCC), a solid board and litho lamination specialist.

UPAC heavily invested in machinery and training and have turned the company into a thriving place of great business potential.

The firm, based in East Kilbride, is fast establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with in the solid board and litho lamination market. With aggressive pricing, and the backing of a highly financed group, steady growth is likely to remain the norm going forward.

Good news of quality product travels fast, and the list of satisfied customers continues to grow from word of mouth as well as the solid effort put forth by the sales team.

“We have had a great response from our customers in terms of product quality,” explained Allan Cochrane, managing director, The Colour Carton Company. “Add that to the already existing group service levels, and it’s an automatic boost in positive growth.

“We honestly couldn’t be happier with how things are going”

The benefits of such a merge are two-fold: UPAC can confidently claim hold of yet another facet in the packaging industry, while The CCC can begin to return to what it considers to be its rightful place in the market as a leader in solid board and litho lamination services.

Membership in The UPAC Group offers access to stock and hold services coupled with competitive pricing on a huge range of ancillary packaging products including tapes, pallet wraps and corrugated board.

This opportunity allows The CCC to facilitate a complete packaging solution to all its clients; a concept that has flourished well in Scotland’s packaging supply industry.

To add more fuel to the UPAC investment fire, company sales have outperformed expectations, delivering growth to the group in excess of 40% year on year – well ahead of its projected target.

Managing capacity and growth has become the biggest challenge in the second half of 2015, and as a result, The Group will continue to invest significantly in additional staff, training and work spaces.

Chris Kelly, director, UPAC Group said, “It’s still early, but if this is a taste of things to come, we will soon have to look into further expansion on premises.

“Becoming a manufacturer has certainly been an eye opener, however, we could not be more proud of the quality of the work we deliver our customers. Whilst this expansion has not been without challenges, we very much look forward to the evolution of this company in the years to come.”