Amway appoints Lorax to manage environmental compliance reporting

Amway Nutrilite

HEALTH, beauty and home care product specialist Amway has appointed Lorax Compliance to provide software and services to ensure the corporation meets its environmental reporting obligations.

Amway’s product portfolio includes Nutrilite supplements, iCook kitchenware and Artistry, a premium skincare brand.

As a manufacturer and brand owner, Amway must report on the amount of packaging, electronic and battery waste associated with the thousands of products it distributes globally each year. This complex compliance process also requires a detailed specification of all packaging produced, in addition to any discarded packaging which Amway places on the market.

In working with Lorax, Amway will use the compliance specialists’ software to fulfil its global Extended Producer Responsiblity (EPR) obligations. Lorax’s system utilises Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud-based platform to collate and analyse data gathered from across Amway’s manufacturing database in relation to the company’s product packaging, electronics and batteries usage.

Lorax’s software will enable Amway to more easily and accurately calculate its fee paying obligations, which are based on the volume of electronics, batteries and packaging the company places on the market across 24 countries.

The biggest challenge in reporting in countries spanning across Australia and most of the EU is that EPR obligations can vary widely country by country. To simplify the WEEE and battery reporting element, Lorax Compliance has created a bespoke template for Amway, which automates multi-country and ad hoc reporting.

EPR waste legislation requires companies that place a certain amount of packaging, electronics and batteries on the market must help to fund the collection, treatment, recycling and recovery of these items.


Amway senior regulatory analyst Elaine Carrington said, “Lorax’s software enables us to deliver complete accuracy and timeliness in calculating our fee paying obligations against thousands of products in over 20 countries.”

Michelle Carvell, director of customer services at Lorax Compliance, added, “As a company with a global footprint, Amway is aware that environmental legislation is implemented and enforced differently in every country. Keeping on top of the current regulatory requirements, as well as managing reporting calendars and fee calculations, is a challenge facing any manufacturer or distributor.

“Inevitably, an increasing number of companies are turning to compliance experts to provide support and to ensure they avoid the risk of non-compliance and the potential financial and reputational damage this could bring. We are delighted that Amway has chosen our solution to help the company more easily navigate this highly complex process.”