Ulma is pick of the crop

PR84a Fruit Focus 2015

Ulma Packaging will be presenting shelf-life extending packaging machinery, specifically designed for the fresh produce sector, at the Fruit Focus event in Kent next month.

The company’s UK technical team will be on hand to discuss its advanced wrapping technology and fully automated lines – with crate packing and palletising – suitable for a wide range of citrus and exotic fruits. 

Many fruit growers are already reaping the benefits from investing in packaging machinery from ULMA, such as the F305 horizontal flowrapper and Atlanta tray-less flowrapper. Other applications include Vertical form fill seal, Thermoforming, Tray-sealing and Stretch Film – each with their own specialised technology for extending the conservation of each fruit.

The F305 has been built around a state of the art PC processor which stores up to 99 different packaging profiles, enabling a high level of flexibility for different product changeovers. ULMA’s Atlanta tray-less flowrapper is offered in a variety of configurations based on hard fruit arriving in cardboard boxes, pallet boxes/plastic crates or straight from the grading process.

Suitable for large, medium and smaller fruit growers the Atlanta can be used for the tray-less packing of a cross-range of fresh produce, which will allow some producers to have the option of often using just one system for all their produce production as it can also be configured to run with conventionally filled punnets from a de-nester.