Calculated savings from METTLER TOLEDO

Cost Calculator Image

METTLER TOLEDO has announced the release of a new cost calculator to compare different sodium analyzers.

Sodium contamination monitoring in high purity water is vital across a range of industries. When evaluating analyzers that meet this monitoring standard it is essential to consider the annual operating cost of the analyzers and not just the capital cost of the instrument.

With technological advances in automation and component reliability, a well-maintained analyzer is now expected to last 10 years or more.

As a result, the annual operating cost, which accounts for the consumables and cost of labour to maintain the analyzer, is a vital concern for modern firms. A significant investment over the life of an analyzer, the consumables and labour costs sometimes exceed the actual cost of the analyzer.

The METTLER TOLEDO cost calculator therefore considers all relevant factors to determine the true annual operating cost of an analyzer in a variety of currencies. Offering comprehensive information for a more informed decision on the purchase of sodium analyzers, the METTLER TOLEDO sodium analyzer cost calculator is available at