The missing link in the supply chain?


DAN-Palletiser can now offer re- stacking and re-palletising systems to automate the process of preparing full pallet loads suitable for UK or European supply chain.

Full pallet loads of product can now be stripped from an inbound pallet fully automatically, and then re-palletised in the warehouse onto another outbound pallet, be it UK, Euro, Half Euro, Dolly or even Quarter.
Re-palletising has traditionally been a manual process. It is slow and, with current legislation regarding manual handling, requires many operators.
DAN has designed a seemingly simple solution that will remove a wide range of packs from a loaded pallet, without special programming. It will orientate and then re-palletise them onto a new pallet in any format, orientation or height.
The job is always finished with neat, regular and tidy loads, without gaps, for secure transport through the supply chain, according to the company.