Low migration guide gets update


AT Interpack Sun Chemical unveiled the fourth edition of its low migration guide, entitled Designing Packaging with Certainty – A Best Practice Guide.

The latest edition has been expanded from previous editions to include low migration printing in the narrow web market and the UV flexo print process. It also amends the legislation section by covering the newest European and key national regulations. The guide provides a more current product selection and recommendation status.
Jonathan Sexton, European Product Manager Energy Curing, Sun Chemical said: “With the increase in the number of food packaging migration alerts in recent times, our updated low migration best practice guide can be a great support to the packaging development workflow in the production of safe packaging for food and sensitive applications, such as tobacco and pharmaceuticals.”
He added that while market awareness about migration issues has been increasing, Sun Chemical has promoted the use of low migration offset printing technology for more than 25 years.
The first edition of the guide appeared in 2004, and approximately 5,000 copies have been shipped to date. The guide’s second and third editions were published in 2008 and 2011 respectively.
The fourth edition Best Practice Guide represents a summary of the key challenges faced by the packaging development supply chain. It is laid out in a logical sequence to help readers understand the topic of how to design, produce, and store packaging safely with respect to migration of unwanted contaminants, and provides practical ways to minimise the risks. Sun Chemical tries to address the most important questions from the viewpoint of an inks and coatings manufacturer and as a stakeholder in the production of safe packaging through good manufacturing practice.