Pack additions stop things drying out or going off

AquaSense (left) uses “a unique absorbent pad”. The Re:Close Tape (right) lets consumers repeatedly reseal packs.

AMONG the products which Essentra Packaging will be displaying for the first time will be AquaSense™, a label innovation designed to help maintain and control the moisture content within packs, ensuring the goods do not dry out and are kept fresh. It gives consumers more control than ever over the products they buy, says Essentra.

AquaSense (see image, above right) features a “unique absorbent pad” that is activated by the consumer on opening the pack or tub. The pad is placed under a tap and soaks up a specific amount of water which it then releases within the pack, keeping contents fresh, controlling humidity and reducing product waste due to goods drying out.
Also to appear at the show, the company’s new Re:Close Tape™ is said to enable brands to maximise the combined benefits of resealability, consumer communication and product protection in an easy-to-apply tape.
Developed in response to growing consumer demand, and durable enough to withstand repeated use, with Re:Close Tape consumers can keep the product in the original pack between uses. This adds to convenience, retains branding in the home, and can enhance environmental credentials by minimising food waste caused by spillage or leaving a pack open.