Validatable sealer offers traceability and security

THE Saxon SB1000+ Validatable sealer from Fischbein Saxon has been designed to enhance the security of the closed bag by producing a 100% validatable and calibrated seal, relating to all the sealers’ parameters.
The SB1000+ uses the principle of heat transfer by conduction, whereby fixed heating elements heat the bags by direct contact through a pair of bands. These bands have high thermal conductivity and move in synchronisation with transport belts.
It offers the customer the ability to record all the set parameters relevant to the sealing of the bag in accordance with ISO 116072– part 2 (“Packing and terminally sterilised medical devices – Validation requirements for forming and sealing and assembly process”).
The set parameters refer to a large number of elements, some of which include the seal temperature setting, seal temperature reading, speed setting, speed reading, pressure setting, and the heater blocks pressure setting.
If the sealer falls outside any of the set parameters, an alarm sounds and the failed section is indicated on the screen. The Saxon SB1000+ validatable sealer doesn’t accept any further bags until the fault has been rectified. This is controlled by actions such as sending a signal to the customers’ filling equipment to stop, running the carrying belts in reverse (not possible with the band sealer),the use of a gate to prevent the bags entering the sealer, and stopping the conveyor.
The first version produced is a band model, the SB1000+ Validatable sealer.
The whole assembly features six heater blocks which are individually controlled by a PID with digital readouts.
Designed to meet the requirements of sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medicine and high end food products, the Saxon SB1000+ provides a validatable and calibrated seal. The customer is able to record all the set parameters relating to the sealing of the bag, providing complete traceability.