Test system keeps metal detectors working well

FORTRESS Technology is offering what it claims is a first of a kind automatic test system. It is available with the company’s range of throat, pipeline and gravity metal detectors, used to inspect free-falling products such as rice, cereals, powders, corn, sugar and snack foods prior to packaging. Designed to reduce the need for frequent manual testing, HALO is said to offer manufacturers and retailers a simple, safe, reliable and accurate solution to ensure optimum metal detector performance and brand protection.
Approved by the American Institute of Bakers (AIB), the HALO automatic test system is claimed to facilitate traceable, auditable and consistent testing of throat, pipeline and gravity metal detectors. It is not designed to replace manual testing completely, but can prove especially useful in applications where testing is made more difficult due to access, position, product flow or environmental conditions.
The system is designed to harness the signal generated by a conductive loop outside of the detector, which receives a signal wirelessly from the machine’s transmitter coil. When the loop is closed or opened, the change of signal flowing through the loop causes a disturbance on the detector’s receiving coil. This is the same process that happens when metal passes through the detector’s aperture.
It is also possible to calibrate the loop in order to produce an interference signal identical to that of specific metal sphere materials and sizes.