Corrugated key to winning waste war

MORE packaging not less could help the environment by reducing the amount of food waste going to landfill.
That’s according to the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) Corrugated Sector which points out that around seven million tonnes of edible food ends up in landfill in the UK each year at significant cost to household budgets, the economy and the environment.
CPI says the packaging industry is playing its part in reducing waste by investing in preventative steps such as providing easier opening solutions, clearer date labelling and smaller pack sizes.
It argues that corrugated packaging plays a pivotal role in supply chain sustainability by ensuring that more food reaches the consumer’s table as safely and efficiently as possible.
ASDA’s supply chain director Gavin Chappell agrees, saying: “Corrugated packaging plays a crucial role throughout the supply chain from factory or farm to the supermarket and onwards.
“Its naturally cushioning qualities, customised information printed on the packaging for easy identification and easy opening improves the flow of products through the supply chain and avoids waste.”