Seafood body hooks Styropack

ABERDEEN protective packaging manufacturer Styropack has joined the newly-created Scottish Seafood Association (SSA) in a show of support for the fish-processing industry.
The SSA was formed in October and its main objective is to grow the fish-processing sector in Scotland and to develop Scottish seafood as a brand.
Mike Pocock, UK group sales manager, said: “Styropack has served the fishing industry in Scotland for nearly 50 years. Joining the SSA demonstrates our commitment to continue serving it for the next 50.
“The SSA is working on behalf of the whole seafood industry in Scotland and we are keen to be part of that endeavour. Seafood and fish processing are central to the Scottish economy and it is good to see an organisation being set up to support the seafood sector.”
The SSA already has 60 members and aims to represent everyone in the Scottish seafood industry both locally, and in Europe.
John Cox, the association’s CEO added: “It proves that we are on the right track and that we can represent the entire seafood industry in Scotland, including all the companies that service it.”