label printing factory

Green investment paying off

A labels business has revealed how it is using the sustainability agenda to help drive efficiency and productivity.

Labelling specialist rises to medical sector challenge

DENNY Bros managers have praised staff for their role in the ongoing fight against Covid-19. The business has been producing labelling for drug development and...

Binary labelling system aims to provide clarity over recycling

OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label) has announced the launch of a new binary labelling system, which will be rolled out in the New Year. The organisation...
Hawthorn's Gin new label

Label design sets the gold standard

THE Label Makers have produced an updated label for gin producer, Hawthorn’s, to celebrate the firm’s recent award success.  Hawthorn’s won a fourth gold medal...

New study highlights impact of labels in drinks recycling

THE Can Makers has released new research which claims changing drinks labelling will improve recycling rates. The survey of 2,000 UK consumers, conducted in association...
pret a manger

Pret A Manger to list ingredients on fresh food labels

PRET A Manger has announced that all of its 391 UK stores will stock freshly made food in packaging that is labelled with a full list of ingredients

MPs urge Government for change over single-use packaging regulations

A committee of MPs has called on the UK Government to focus on reducing all forms of single-use packaging, whilst also making alterations to the proposed plastic packaging tax
milk cartons

Arla to bin use-by dates in waste cut bid

ARLA Foods is to remove use-by dates from its branded fresh milk and yoghurts and replace them with best before dates only
Bottles of water

Understanding secondary packaging within the beverage industry and future trends

Clearmark look at the challenges faced by beverage packagers and future trends within the industry
Machinery with postage bags

E-commerce print and apply labelling solution from YPS

To compete successfully in the e-commerce platform, businesses must ensure they offer a professional service from first click right through to deliver