Ravenwood unveils new seal detection software

Ravenwood seal detection software

RAVENWOOD, a manufacturer of linerless labelling, label verification and X-ray inspection equipment, has developed seal detection software for its VXR vision pack inspection system.

The firm said the ‘cutting-edge’ technology guarantees 100% accuracy, and protects brand owners from financial loss, product recalls, and hefty fines.

The new software is available to existing VXR customers and can also be ordered as an optional feature on new machines.

With the increasing prevalence of end-of-line automation, Ravenwood explained it is more important than ever to ensure product pack quality inspection using automated systems instead of relying on the human eye and camera-based frameworks. The company’s X-ray inspection technology now allows for both standard product contamination checks as well as the new seal contamination detection.

James Large, Ravenwood’s VXR and vision product manager, said, “This technology significantly enhances production quality in the factory. The VXR’s fault-finding capabilities far surpass those of traditional methods that rely on human visual checks and camera-based systems.

“By utilising X-ray inspection technology to check for density variations in the seal area, it is now possible to detect even the smallest amounts of contamination, whether from the product itself or a foreign body in the pack seal.”

The new seal contamination inspection system integrates standard X-ray capabilities, displaying two images on the VXR interface: one for standard X-ray contamination detection and another for the new seal contamination detection.