Macfarlane Packaging launches ninth annual unboxing survey

Woman opens box

MACFARLANE Packaging has launched its ninth annual unboxing survey, with this year’s survey focusing on the sustainability of packaging.

The surveys encourage consumers to unpack their experiences and views on the packaging used by online retailers, with it providing insights into their experiences with e-commerce packaging and the impact it has on their online shopping habits.

This year’s survey will ask consumers for their opinions on the sustainability of packaging, testing if consumers favour reusable packaging and whether retailers are using excessive amounts of packing materials.

Views will be sought on the accessibility of packaging to determine how easy it is to open and if branded packaging influences repeat consumer purchases and their loyalty to retailers. The survey will also ask for feedback on their experience of, and opinions on, damages, returns processes and their overall satisfaction with the unboxing experience.

Consumers will be able to contribute to the research until 19 August 2024 and Macfarlane has nine prizes up for grabs for those who participate in the research.

Rachel Fellows, retail and 3PL sales director at Macfarlane Packaging, said, “Packaging is an important part of the online shopping experience for consumers, so it is key that ecommerce businesses get the balance right when it comes to sustainability, accessibility and branding, while protecting their products. By asking consumers to share their experiences directly, we can support our customers to focus on this important part of the purchasing process.

“Participants have not held back in previous years and we don’t expect them to in this, our ninth year of the unboxing survey.”

To take part in the survey, click here.