Cartonboard innovation tipped to boost retailer’s sustainability goals

PaperSeal Shape cartonboard tray

GRAPHIC Packaging International and food company Moy Park have teamed up to create what they describe as a ‘game-changing’ cartonboard packaging solution, which is tipped to deliver a significant plastic reduction for Sainsbury’s.

The PaperSeal Shape cartonboard tray can be found on-shelf across the retailer’s range of private-label breaded chicken products. The trays are said to use 72-82% less plastic per tray, depending on pack size.

Developed with G. Mondini, a specialist in tray sealing technology, PaperSeal Shape’s patented double sealing flange and rigid construction delivers a hermetic seal for the modified atmosphere trays, delivering an ‘equivalent’ shelf-life to the plastic tray it has replaced.

The tray contains less than 10% plastic by total pack weight, meeting On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) scheme guidelines in the UK.

Paul Tye, new business development director at Graphic Packaging, said, “We truly believe that PaperSeal is a game-changer for retailers looking to reduce their reliance on plastic while still offering their consumers a packaging solution that performs. We worked closely with the team at Moy Park to ensure operational and supply chain efficiency was optimised, and supplying the trays from our UK packaging facility helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with packaging transport.

“This new packaging wouldn’t have been possible without the steadfast commitment to collaboration and innovation shown by our partner Moy Park, as we worked together to ensure every part of the finished solution delivered the highest possible quality and circularity standards for Sainsbury’s consumers.”

Matt Harris, head of packaging at Moy Park, added, “Moy Park has a keen focus on developing sustainable, recyclable packaging solutions and this collaborative project has pooled expertise from across the value chain to deliver an innovative, recyclable cartonboard tray solution, ultimately removing a significant tonnage of plastics from the supply chain.”