Liqueur brand launches global production facility in Kirkcaldy

Magnum Scotch malt whisky cream liqueur
Image credit: Chris Watt

MAGNUM Scotch malt whisky cream liqueur has announced the launch of what it describes as the only global production and bottling centre of its kind in Scotland.

Magnum is exclusively crafted and bottled in Scotland using single malt Scotch whisky from Speyside.

Located at Kirkcaldy in Fife, the production facility is already gearing up to distribute around 135,000 litres of Magnum across Scotland, the rest of the UK, Canada, the United States and South Africa in 2024.

The latest automated technology means that around 40 bottles of Magnum per minute will be flying off the production line. The £1 million facility has been three years in the making and is complete with dedicated cream vat, as well as specialist rinsing, filling, capping and labelling equipment.

The purpose-built Magnum production centre will house liquid and dry goods all under one roof, helping to minimise the brand’s carbon footprint. The facility will support six full-time jobs.

Magnum revealed its ‘superior ingredients and contemporary design’ sets it apart from traditional liqueurs. ‘Smooth and creamy’ caramel notes play off single malt Speyside whisky for a ‘balanced taste with a warming ginger afterglow’.

Magnum bottling centre Kirkcaldy
Image credit: Chris Watt

Magnum is contained in a stainless steel flask, designed to be reusable and recyclable.

Edinburgh-based Hemisphere Brands is the global brand agent for Magnum and manages the brand from production planning through to the strategy for market entry, as well as executing the sales, marketing and distribution plan.

Magnum director Lee Schofield said, “This is a really significant milestone for our truly Scottish brand. Magnum is now the only scotch malt whisky cream liqueur that is exclusively crafted and bottled right here in Scotland.

“Our strategy is to introduce Magnum to globally significant ‘cream’ liqueur markets, including Scotland, the rest of the UK, Canada, South Africa and the United States. With our new dedicated cream production facility in Fife, engineered solely for Magnum, we’re able to scale up as required. Innovation is very much on our agenda, but always with provenance, premium ingredients and packaging sustainability in our DNA.

“As the only cream bottler now in Scotland, we can bottle what we want, when we want. It also means we can innovate in the category with the potential to introduce rum or tequila cream liqueurs in the future. In the meantime, our vision for Magnum is uncompromising and our ambition is straightforward – to craft a premium cream liqueur, one that contains the finest single malt Scotch whisky and only single malt.”

Magnum’s new production and bottling centre is being developed and managed by QAS Group, a supply chain provider for the spirits industry. QAS owns and operates the facility on the Mitchelston Industrial Estate in Kirkcaldy.

Derek Page, director at QAS Group, added, “We’re really excited to be supporting Magnum as it makes its name as a truly iconic Scottish brand and already have everything in place to get this premium product to market around the world. Here at QAS, we’re able to offer spirits brands like Magnum with a one-stop-shop to help grow the business. We provide a fully integrated operation all under one roof, including specialist production and bottling facilities, and storage.”

In 2018, Magnum announced its first export deal to the LCBO in Ontario Canada, followed by a launch in South Africa. It now exports to multiple provinces across Canada and has a presence in over 450 outlets. In 2023, listings were secured in the US.