Berry launches new customisable and rectangular bottle

Domino bottle from Berry

BERRY Global Group, Inc. has launched a new customisable and rectangular Domino bottle, which is available with up to 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic for the beauty, home, and personal care markets.

The 250ml bottle includes a 75mm-wide front face and customisable side panels. This allows all four sides of the container to be printed. The side panels can be further customised with embossing or debossing.

Manufactured in high density polyethylene (HDPE), the Domino bottle is described as being fully recyclable where appropriate collection schemes exist. The neck is suitable for a variety of caps and closures, including the recently launched Wave2cc all-plastic dispenser. The rectangular bottle shape is said to allow for more efficient stacking.

The bottle is available through Berry Agile Solutions.

“In a retail environment where consumers are influenced by how brands are presented on-shelf, impactful packaging and graphic design is critical,” said Joe Horton, sales and marketing director at Berry Agile Solutions. “We want companies to be able to easily create eye-catching designs in line with their own brand objectives. Domino helps brands quickly respond to current consumer trends and create the ‘wow’ factor at lower cost.”