Antalis unveils ‘largest capacity water-activated tape dispenser’

Optimax OM700

ANTALIS Packaging has launched what it describes as the industry’s largest capacity water-activated tape (WAT) dispenser.

The Optimax OM700, with a tape roll capacity of up to 255mm diameter and up to 50mm wide, and output of 60 metres per minute, is said to be ‘ideal’ for high-volume, fast-paced shipping environments.

The product’ss large tape roll capacity and two-litre water bottle eliminate the need for frequent roll changes and water bottle refills. With a multi-operation mode, the OM700 allows operators to programme up to six different tape lengths in a sequence, which are dispensed automatically.

Made from Kraft paper with a starch-based adhesive, WAT is recyclable and said to be faster than conventional taping when used in conjunction with a dispenser such as the OM700.

Amy Skingsley, packaging product manager at Antalis, said, “We’ve seen a tremendous increase in demand for water activated tape over the last couple of years and there’s no surprise as to why: it’s easy to use, highly effective, looks great, and is fully recyclable. What more could you ask for from a tape?

“The Optimax OM700 with its large capacity is a great piece of kit that enables high volume packaging operations to take full advantage of all that WAT has to offer.”