Mettler-Toledo adds new X-ray solution for challenging applications

Pack of chicken breast with bone fragments identified (in yellow)

METTLER-Toledo Product Inspection has released the X52 Dual Energy x-ray inspection system to complete its X2 Series.

The manufacturer said the X52’s proprietary software provides increased adaptability by transitioning between single energy, dual energy or both modes, optimising the performance of the system depending on the application.

In single energy mode, the X52 identifies a range of contaminants including glass, metal, mineral stone, calcified bone, dense plastic and rubber compounds based on their material composition. Dual energy mode is designed to further enhance accuracy by analysing materials’ densities.

Mettler-Toledo added that through its ‘advanced’ technology, the X52 reduces false rejects, distinguishing between genuine contaminants and product variations with ease.

“The X52 x-ray inspection system marks a pivotal leap forward in product inspection technology,” said Mike Pipe, head of global sales and product management at Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray. “With its forward-thinking design, the X52 future-proofs manufacturers by detecting unwanted contaminants in even the most challenging packages.

“Its unmatched performance, innovative features and comprehensive support set a new standard for product integrity and reliability. We are thrilled to provide manufacturers with the tools they need for enhanced product safety, quality and compliance now and in the future.”