Quality Pack bags big name brands

A paper bag manufacturer specialising in the supply of sustainable solutions to major brands has told Packaging Scotland that it anticipates business will continue ‘snowballing’ as demand grows for biodegradable packaging.

Founded in Essex in 2015 as a plastic packaging producer, Quality Pack launched its paper bag operation around five years ago with just two machines.   

Today, it has over 15, including innovative slitting machines that ensure larger reels are cut down to size to minimise waste, and eight colour flexographic press machines capable of printing detailed designs at up to 300 metres per minute.

Admitting that work with big name brands including McDonald’s and Tesco didn’t happen overnight, Cem Ucur, sales manager at Quality Pack, believes the only way is up for the firm. “It takes a bit of time to build a trust and relationship, but as you do build them, other companies start coming and looking for you because they see the product and companies utilising it,” he explained. “We’ve built up the trust and the quality is there; now it’s just about using the five years of hard work and getting the most out of it.”

Specialising in flat tape handle, twisted handle, and block bottom ‘SOS’ paper bags, Quality Pack also produces flour and sugar bags. The company is currently utilising new types of paper, which Cem explained is more durable and tear and water-resistant.

The firm started off selling products to fast food outlets, but societal changes and universal concerns over plastic pollution have resulted in the business attracting interest from industries it never anticipated it would do work with – including the tech world and supermarket home delivery offerings.

“There’s a massive push and change in the habits of society; everyone is more conscious now in terms of sustainability – it’s a massive deal to everyone, and paper is at the forefront of it,” Cem added. “It’s paper at the end of the day – it’s one of the most sustainable options; you know where it’s from. When you ask someone how a plastic bag is made, it’s endless, but when it’s paper everyone knows it’s essential and it’s from a tree.”