Motorised attachment is clamping down on pharma industry challenges

PACKLINE is now offering a motorised clamp attachment that was designed in response to a customer enquiry in the pharmaceutical industry to handle narrow rolls of film from the pallet to the processing machinery.

The lifting machine picks up narrow rolls from the pallet and rotates them through 90 degrees for loading onto a mandrel via the roll’s core and lowering onto the processing machinery.

The attachment features narrow rollers to accommodate various sized rolls with a minimum width of 120mm.

Packline explained that the clamping arms are spaced more tightly than standard to ensure a secure grip of the smaller rolls. The attachment is also offset downwards to allow the clamp to access the narrow rolls stored vertically on the pallet.

The attachment is manufactured from stainless steel, which makes it suitable for the pharmaceutical industry and other hygienic applications.

The product is also available with geared and manual gripping and rotation.

The lift capacity is 150kg, however Packline said larger capacities and to suit various roll widths are available on request.