Foodservice Packaging Association launches new independent compliance procedure

Anne Sutton

THE Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA) has introduced a new independent compliance procedure to provide members with the opportunity to hold non-compliant businesses to account and ensure a level playing field.

A new FPA Regulatory and Compliance Committee will be responsible for administering the procedure. The association said that by independently and proactively managing compliance and addressing the challenges presented by regulations, the committee will also strive to ensure members meet the standards set out in the FPA Code of Practice.

“It is an absolute pleasure to be in position to establish this new committee with such a high calibre of people,” explained Mark Byrne, executive chair of the FPA. “The committee will play a fundamental role in upholding the FPA’s mission of maintaining trust and accountability within the FPA membership and across the broader foodservice packaging industry.”

Heading up the committee and taking on the role of compliance director is Anne Sutton. Anne has over 40 years of experience in the retail industry, in paper and plastic packaging manufacture, and in UK, EU and global government affairs and legislation. She is also an FPA board member, a board member of the Packaging Federation, and president of 360° Foodservice Europe.

Anne is joined on the committee by Nikki Grainge and John Young. Nikki brings over 20 years of experience in packaging development, while John, who will take on the position of members’ liaison officer, has worked in senior industry roles since 1983 for companies including Autobar Group, Huhtamaki, Kecco Foodservice, and Jenna.

Speaking about her new role, Anne said, “I am excited to take on this responsibility as head of the FPA Regulatory and Compliance Committee and to be working alongside such seasoned professionals as Nikki and John. The committee will approach each case objectively – operating within UKAS certification compliance processes and the CMA Green Code. Our aim is to help protect the reputation of the foodservice packaging industry and we will work alongside our members to ensure all packaging claims are fully compliant and in line with the FPA’s Code of Practice.”

Mark Byrne added, “The committee will be holding both members and non-members to account, so now would be an opportune time for foodservice packaging suppliers to check their websites and their marketing collateral to ensure no false or spurious claims are being made.”

The FPA Regulatory and Compliance Committee can be contacted via email at