OPRL welcomes research showing support for clearer packaging labelling

Jude Allan

OPRL MD Jude Allan has welcomed research by the Local Government Association around packaging and waste, after the online survey found 88% of people believe that packaging should have clearer labelling.

The research also stated that councils are ‘six times more likely to be trusted to run recycling services than the government or industry’.

Jude Allan said, “With EPR underway, we are seeing major changes to the composition of packaging. Brands are including greater levels of recyclable material and switching to recyclable packaging. But OPRL’s own research has shown that over half of respondents say they cannot always understand whether packaging can be recycled. For EPR to be effective, it is crucial that consumers are given the right tools to make the right choices.

“The LGA’s recent research shows a public that is engaged with the debate around packaging and keen to recycle. However, there is a clear message that was mirrored in OPRL’s consumer survey, showing a degree of distrust for producers and government. When it comes to labelling, consumers need clear instructions and trust in the metrics behind the claims.”

OPRL’s research, which surveyed 5,010 people in Britain, found 68% of respondents think recycling is as important – or more important – than ever. It also found 58% of consumers look for recycling information when they come to dispose of packaging. Almost 80% said it was important that recycling labels on packaging follow a consistent format.