Lidl launches bottle return scheme trial in Glasgow stores

LIDL has launched a bottle return scheme trial at all 21 of its Glasgow stores.

Shoppers will receive 5p for each empty PET plastic and aluminium drinks containers they return, with the reward either being redeemed against their shopping or donated to The STV Children’s Appeal, which the supermarket has supported since 2011.

The launch follows the Scottish Government delaying the introduction of a national deposit return scheme (DRS) from its original go-live date of 16 August 2023. Lidl’s own scheme will ensure shoppers can continue to benefit from the infrastructure that had already been put in place by the discounter, with the trial running from February 8 until August 11.

Unlike the DRS scheme, there is no deposit placed on the price of Lidl products eligible to be returned. Qualifying bottles and cans purchased from other retailers are also accepted, so long as they are clean and uncrushed – with there being no cap on the amount returned.

Lidl said that its anticipated that the pilot will result in a minimum 10.5 tonnes of plastic and aluminium material being recycled each month, with the material which will be retained and used to create new plastic and aluminium product.

Richard Bourns, chief commercial officer at Lidl GB, commented, “We’re on a mission to eliminate all unnecessary waste, and with over 95% of our own-brand packaging now recyclable, reusable, or refillable we’ve been making great progress. We know that Lidl shoppers share this passion, and we hope that utilising this infrastructure, which might otherwise have been left dormant, will help to make recycling their cans and bottles even more convenient for them. With our extra incentive thrown in, and no cap on the number of items that can be recycled, it’s a win-win for all.”