Faller Packaging unveils tamper-evident paper label

FALLER Packaging has announced the launch of a new tamper-evident paper label.

The semi-transparent solution consists of a fibre-based unmixed material, meaning it is fully recyclable. As the label is tamper-proof, it also complies with the EN 16679:2014 standard.

“For the outer material, we opted for a semi-transparent paper made from pure cellulose fibres, with no chemical additives,” said Niklas Mößner, the product manager at Faller Packaging who is responsible for the new tamper-evident label. “The product is therefore biodegradable and can be recycled.

“In combination with a fibre-based folding carton or an outsert leaflet, the result is an unmixed end product that can be fed into the recycling process without sorting and thus achieves the maximum recycling rate.”

The mono-material solution is described by Faller as ‘state-of-the-art’ in terms of its counterfeit protection. The label offers first-opening indication and Faller revealed it has prevented tampering with the packaging by positioning the label over the tuck-in flap of the folding carton. If the carton has already been opened, this is ‘clearly visible’.

To ensure the label adheres to all lacquer-free and dispersion-coated folding cartons, Faller uses an acrylate-based adhesive. This adhesive, specially developed for pharmaceutical applications, means the label cannot be removed without leaving residue, which also increases counterfeit protection.

“We are very proud of this tamper-proof and sustainable label solution that we can now offer to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry,” Niklas Mößner added. “For us, sustainability is a central component of our corporate DNA and more relevant than ever.”