Dantex partnership set to introduce self-adhesive sleeves to label industry

DANTEX Group has entered into a partnership with Polymount, which is set to introduce Polymount’s self-adhesive sleeve technology to the label industry, providing a ‘sustainable and efficient’ alternative to conventional printing methods.

Polymount’s products are said to cater to a broad spectrum of the printing industry, including labels, flexible packaging and commercial printing.

The company’s self-adhesive sleeve technology eliminates the need for double-sided plate mounting tape. Dantex explained the tech presents an opportunity for ‘significant’ cost savings through fast amortisation and leads the way in environmental responsibility by eliminating tape waste.

Jan W Boers, owner of Polymount, said, “I am very pleased and confident in partnering with Dantex, which will help bring the self adhesive sleeve to the label market.The Polymount sleeve is widely accepted in wide-web flexo, which has always been our focus. With Dantex’s emphasis on narrow web, I strongly believe that sustainable plate mounting, without using tape, will become the industry standard in flexo.”

Ben Danon, CEO of Dantex Group, added, “Through our partnership with Polymount, we are delighted to offer our customers a product that embodies our commitment to delivering value-added solutions. This collaboration not only marks a significant step towards a more sustainable future in the printing industry, but also marks the beginning of a long-term relationship that will deliver substantial benefits to our customers.”