‘Breakthrough’ film innovation set for exhibition showcase

PACKAGING manufacturer Coveris will showcase its latest solutions at Packaging Innovations next week, including its MonoFlex Thermoform ‘breakthrough innovation’.

The film is described as a recyclable and sustainable alternative to non-recyclable materials currently used for thermoforming packaging in food sectors. The MonoFlex Thermoform films are developed from mono-material polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) substrates.

Designed for products such as meat, dairy and bakery goods, Coveris said MonoFlex Thermoform offers adjustable barrier properties to suit shelf-life requirements and ‘strong puncture resistance’ for product protection. With a wide operating window, ‘efficient packing speeds and a seamless switch’ from alternative materials is said to be ensured.

Coveris will also be promoting ReCover, the firm’s newest business segment. ReCover focuses on sourcing, processing and recycling waste, closing the loop for circular plastic recycling and creating high quality recyclates.

With two facilities in its portfolio, ReCover is a significant part of Coveris’ No Waste strategy. At its newest facility in Louth, Lincolnshire, ReCover creates a new lifecycle for printed PE packaging films from post-industrial waste (PIW) sources using a de-inking recycling process. This is then re-granulated into recycled PE resin, ReGen, for use as recycled content in Coveris’ film extrusion, and is compliant with the UK Plastic Packaging Tax.