Automatic case erector improves productivity for major egg producer

ENDOLINE Automation has revealed how it assisted a Singapore-based egg producer in improving the efficiency and productivity of its end-of-line manufacturing process.

Chew’s Agriculture PTE produces close to one million eggs per day – almost half of the country’s daily output of locally farmed eggs.

While looking to improve the efficiency and productivity of its end-of-line packing operation, the business was keen to automate the previously manually-intensive case erecting process. In a bid to reduce operator fatigue, the company worked with Endoline Automation, with the result being the introduction of an automatic case erecting solution.

“As the largest producer of fresh eggs in Singapore, we rely heavily on using high quality machinery to keep up with our supply chain demands,” said Chew Zi Xuan, general manager at Chew’s Agriculture. “We were looking for an automatic case erector to improve the productivity at the end of our line. Previously, we used operators to erect and manually tape boxes, but it was a poor use of operator time and boxes were not always erected and taped consistently.”

Endoline proposed the installation of its 2218 Fully Automatic Case Erector, a system which has been installed within egg production plants globally.

Engineered to handle the forming of large egg cases in a variety of styles and sizes, the 2218 features Endoline’s dual opposing technology, designed to ensure the positive formation of every case and eliminating the risk of tearing.

With the ability to run continuously, the 2218’s loading Hoppa can be replenished with flat case blanks while the system is in full operation. Endoline added that its ‘ergonomically-friendly’ design also allows for ease of manual loading. This is said to have enabled Chew’s to have a constant run of cases erected to the ‘highest quality’ – all of which are packed and fed into a case packing system.

“The Endoline case erector has helped us tremendously in saving man hours and improving the productivity of our workers,” Chew Zi Xuan added. “The machine is reliable and can be comfortably operated by any of our staff with only a short training session. The pre-sale and aftersale service provided by Endoline is also top-notch.”