Unlocking operational resilience: the power of Nulogy for contract packing


In the fast-changing environment of contract packing and manufacturing, key team members are fundamental to delivering the services that customers expect. Yet, while these personnel bring valuable expertise and insight, over-reliance on them poses risk, especially if operational knowledge and know-how resides solely with them.

Mitigating this dependence is essential for any business and digitalisation is providing the answer to this challenge, with software such as Nulogy proving transformative.

Software can liberate contract packers from dependence on key personnel by capturing and democratising organisational intelligence, making it accessible and usable by even less experienced staff members.

Operational vulnerability

In any industry, key individuals play a pivotal role in decision-making, problem-solving, and overall productivity. But the contract packing industry, with its highly variable orders, specificity, and dynamic timelines, is often particularly reliant on the experience and knowledge of longstanding staff members. However, in these instances when key individuals become a linchpin in operations, the ripple effect of any absence can be felt throughout the organisation.

If an employee leaves or is off site, important activities such as estimating jobs or setting up lines effectively can be delayed or executed in a suboptimal manner. Delayed decision-making, bottlenecks in production and increased risk of errors can all be the result.Furthermore, labour shortages can compound the problem of over-reliance on key staff.

The logistics industry has faced significant challenges in recent years, grappling with the impact of Covid-19, Brexit, and a notable increase in resignation rates, which have resulted in widespread labour shortages within warehouses.

In an industry known for its rapid pace, such disruptions are unsustainable. Both FMCG brands and their partners in contract manufacturing and packing require a more resilient and scalable approach to guarantee operational robustness, agility, and growth.

Digitalisation as the solution

Digitalisation has been key to helping many contract packers and manufacturers address the unique challenges faced by their operations. Cloud-based platforms like Nulogy are purpose-built for co-packing operations and designed specifically to optimise labour-intensive production lines.

Complete visibility from initial job estimation and scheduling, materials and inventory management through to production and quality control – illuminates common blind spots in a co-packer’s operations.

By standardising workflows, software ensures that operational information is no longer confined to key individuals, allowing for a seamless transition during personnel changes and providing improved visibility of operations for all stakeholders. Real-time communication and knowledge sharing is facilitated, mitigating the risks of information silos.

Team members can collectively share insights, track progress, and make informed decisions, enabling collaboration between brands and suppliers.

In addition, the planning and scheduling capabilities of co-pack software enable businesses to adapt swiftly to changes in order quantities, deadlines or requirements.

Leveraging data analytics transforms the contract packing landscape by providing actionable insights, allowing decision-makers to rely on real-time data rather than individual experience. Thus, organisations can better forecast demand, plan labour resources, optimise inventory levels, and identify areas for continuous improvement, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Powered by Nulogy: Marsden Packaging 

Marsden Packaging, located in Blackburn, specialises in primary and secondary packaging services for the food and pharmaceutical sectors and has been utilising Nulogy’s software to streamline its operations in the UK for over six years.

The software replaced a mix of computerised and manual systems, enabling Marsden to efficiently manage its production flow and conduct necessary quality checks. This transition provides the visibility and technological access required by customers within the supply chain.

The adoption of digitalisation has brought various advantages for Marsden Packaging, particularly in addressing challenges posed by the pandemic. For instance, it allowed the business to track employees in real time, preparing for potential Covid-19 infections within a production site.

The company can also generate reports by shift, specific time periods, and production lines, swiftly identifying and isolating areas of risk without the need to shut down the entire facility. Moreover, the system facilitates contact tracing while preserving employee privacy, showcasing how a genuinely digital system adapts to evolving situations to meet client needs.

Michael Briggs, managing director at Marsden Packaging, said, “I would never hesitate to recommend Nulogy. Since its first day, the software has revolutionised the way we operate, providing total visibility to the flow of goods within our business.

“This has allowed us to react much more quickly to changes in demand, as well as continuing to deliver efficiencies across our production and QC processes.”

A digital future for contract packing

In the ever-evolving landscape of the contract packing industry, the shift toward digitalisation is no longer an option but a strategic imperative. The risks associated with over-reliance on key individuals can be mitigated through the adoption of digital technologies that streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and improve agility.

As contract packing companies navigate the complexities of the market, embracing a digital future is not just a technological upgrade but a strategic investment in operational resilience and sustained growth. Software like Nulogy empowers organisations to break free from the shackles of key person dependency, paving the way for a more agile, efficient, and adaptable industry.