SEE launches paper-based food packaging to reduce plastic usage

SEE has developed a new paper-based bottom web to support food processors and retailers reduce plastic usage and meet consumer demand for paper packaging.

The new CRYOVAC brand Barrier Formable Paper is made from 90% FSC-certified fibres and, according to SEE, can enable 77% plastic reduction in bottom web packaging, when used in replacement of PET/PE webs.

Aldo Galbusera, senior marketing manager, Europe at SEE, explained, “We’re seeing a trend of food businesses reviewing packaging materials to improve circularity, reduce plastic usage and to satisfy shopper expectations for using paper-based options. CRYOVAC Brand Barrier Formable Paper delivers in all these areas and provides processors with a practical, easy-to-integrate, sustainable packaging solution.”

The paper-based packaging bottom web is compatible with both Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP) and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) top webs. It has been designed to run on a range of rollstock, thermoforming and VSP equipment, and described as ‘ideal’ for packaging products including fresh, smoked and processed meats, fish and seafood, cheese and alternative proteins.

Aldo Galbusera added, “Our latest paper-based food packaging solution delivers the superior barrier protection that the CRYOVAC brand range is well known for. It has exceptional oxygen and barrier performance to keep food fresher for longer and extend shelf life, helping further reduce environmental footprint through lower levels of spoilage and wastage.

“CRYOVAC brand Barrier Formable Paper is designed to help retailers drive sales. Its composition of 90% renewable fibres can appeal to sustainability-conscious shoppers, while virtually leak-proof seals help improve product presentation and deliver optimum taste, moisture, freshness and texture. The bottom-web is also easy-open to meet consumer demand for convenience.”

The paper-based bottom web is available in white and kraft colours and compatible with CRYOVAC brand Darfresh vacuum skin films to secure products in place and minimise in-pack movement.