Award-winning cartonboard pack designs take centre stage at Museum of Brands

THE latest collection of the 2023 European Carton Excellence Award (ECEA) packaging design winners is now on display at the Museum of Brands in Notting Hill, London.

The display features 17 award-winning ECEA designs, described as demonstrating the versatility of cartonboard and innovation in the packaging industry.

Taking centre stage is GERnétic by Alzamora Group, the 2023 Carton of the Year winner. The three-dimensional spherical packaging solution was designed for beauty products.

Also on display is Boardio’s fibre-based pack for Perfetti Van Melle Mentos gum, which won both the Public and Sustainability award categories for its cartonboard chewing gum container. The Innovation, General Packaging Virgin Fibre, General Packaging Recycled Fibre, Food & Drink Virgin Fibre, Food & Drink Recycled Fibre, Platinum, and Gold award winning entries are also featured.

Alice Kain, curator at the Museum of Brands, said, “We’re delighted to be housing the new winners of the 2023 European Carton Excellence Award. It’s amazing to see first-hand how brands are utilising sustainable packaging whilst still retaining their brand image and key messages.

“With sustainability at the forefront of conversations, we are continuously seeing more brands opt for sustainable packaging choices, so it’s great to have some of Europe’s leading designs in our museum to inspire everyone who steps through our doors to explore the future of sustainable packaging.”

Winfried Muehling, marketing & communications director at Pro Carton, added, “The Museum of Brands is a journey through history with thousands of artefacts that reflect the past, present and future of brand evolution. We’re honoured to once again showcase the versatility of cartonboard with Europe’s leading sustainable packaging designs.

“Pro Carton is dedicated to highlighting the enormous benefits of cartonboard, demonstrating the future of sustainable packaging and how the renewable material can elevate a brands image whilst still helping to create a sustainable world.”