ULMA delivers complete packaging solution for Scotland

ULMA offers sustainable and competitive packaging machinery solutions that meet their customers’ needs.

TFS 200 MSV Hygienic Design Thermoformer (TF)

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Through an extensive catalogue that incorporates cutting-edge technologies, a friendly and flexible service, together with an ability to provide advanced turnkey solutions, ULMA Packaging has established itself as a leader in the dynamic and diverse Scottish packaging industry, offering sustainable and competitive packaging machinery solutions that meet their customers’ needs.

With an impressive legacy spanning over 60 years and operating in more than 130 countries globally, ULMA’s unique proposition includes the widest range of machines and applications available on the market, comprising Flow Pack (HFFS), Thermoforming (TF), Traysealing (TS), Vertical (VFFS), Stretch Film packaging technologies and ULMA Packaging Automation (UPA).

Traysealing: The future of efficient packaging

ULMA owes its success to its use of product specialists assigned to different market sectors, allowing the company to develop innovative packaging solutions. Their traysealing range is a prime example of this.

The traysealers are made of stainless steel and have a frame design that can be adapted to different packaging systems. They’re easy to clean and maintain, with smooth surfaces and an accessible electrical cabinet. The belts can be cleaned and changed without tools.

With an ability to seal and cut at a cadence of up to 25 cycles per minute, ULMA’s traysealers work with various materials, including polyester, carton, cardboard, and aluminium. The company’s #ULMAweCare sustainability initiative has led to the development of green packaging solutions, such as LeafSkin™ and LeafMap™, that are fully compatible across ULMA’s machinery range. LeafSkin™ reduces plastic usage by up to 80%, utilising 100% recyclable flat cardboard trays with an easy-open system.

FR 200 Flow Pack Wrapper (HFFS)

Redefining standards with thermoforming

Meeting stringent hygiene and efficiency standards, ULMA’s range of thermoforming machines is versatile enough to cater to standalone applications or work as part of a turnkey solution. From their entry-level TFS80, measuring just over 2 metres and ideal for flexible films, to the more advanced TFS 700XL which can extend beyond 20 metres and is compatible with both flexible and rigid materials. The entire range can be customised to include printers, labellers, vision systems, automatic feeding systems and robotic product loading, ensuring maximum line efficiency.

Reimagining flow wrapping with ULMA

The evolution of ULMA’s flow-wrapping machinery offers a very broad range of packaging technologies to suit many needs – from simple, single components to highly complex, automated, fully integrated packaging lines. ULMA offers a range of packaging solutions with their machines, including the budget-friendly FR100 and FR200 models. For high-speed production lines, the FR 400 or FR500 machines are available. ULMA’s line of MAP machines offer versatility in packaging different products categories such as Bakery, Meat, Poultry and Cheese.

TSA 680 Traysealer (TS)

Vertical Packaging: Versatility at its best

ULMA provides a variety of machinery for packing fresh and frozen food products. Their machines have two options: intermittent and continuous motion. ULMA is committed to sustainability and has developed technologies that aim to reduce packaging waste, improve recyclability, composting, food safety, and waste reduction.

ULMA’s vertical wrappers have a feature called Tight-Bag™. This feature helps maintain food quality and optimises bag volume. Tight-Bag™ doesn’t contaminate food products because it uses a patented jaw arrangement in the cross-seal area to extract excess air from each pack. It ensures that products are packed efficiently and minimises the risk of damage during transit. It also provides the ability to fit more product in each pack, or replicate an existing pack and use less film.

Venturi™ is another feature developed by ULMA, which can be found in their vertical wrappers. Venturi™ eliminates the problem of product blockages that are often found in conventional packaging machinery. It works by suction-pulling the product to the bottom of the bag without damaging it. This means that the vertical weighing and packaging of certain products can be automated instead of using manual horizontal wrapping machines.

ULMA offers a range of models that can be upgraded to an IP66 rating. Additionally, their machines feature a patented design allowing for convenient and safe product changeovers by changing the forming tube from the side of the machine. This design makes it easier and safer to switch between different products.

Fully Automated Packaging Line (UPA

Automation: UPA

With a global emphasis on efficiency and adaptability, ULMA’s automation solutions, from automatic loading to end-of-line processing and product handling, set a new industry benchmark. Covering aspects from case erectors to comprehensive case packing and palletising solutions, ULMA provides an all-encompassing, automated packaging solution suitable for diverse product ranges.

Industry 4.0: UPC and myULMA

With ULMA, user experience is paramount. All machinery solutions are equipped with the UPC control system and the myULMA platform, providing operators with comprehensive access to technical manuals, parts ordering, remote support and training modules. This approach highlights the importance of combining innovative technology with a focus on meeting the needs and preferences of the end-users. This can be experienced first-hand by using the ULMA UK digital showroom area.

A new chapter for ULMA Packaging in Scotland

In a sector where innovation and sustainability are key, ULMA is at the forefront of reshaping the future of packaging machinery solutions. The recent additions of Martyn Cochrane* as regional sales manager for Scotland and Glasgow-based service technician, Jason Rae, reflect ULMA’s commitment to delivering high-quality packaging machinery solutions to customers in Scotland and further strengthen the company’s position in the market.

VTI 600 Vertical Wrapper (VFFS