RMGroup launches new automated mobile bagging system

PACKAGING and robotic automation specialist RMGroup has launched the CTM800 mobile bagging system.

The system integrates within three standard 40ft shipping containers, providing a ‘complete plug-and-play’ solution. It comprises a two-floor structure designed to create ‘optimal space utilisation’.

On the second floor, the infeed dosing/weighing system is situated directly above the primary automated machinery. On the ground floor, the form fill and seal machine is said to guarantee ‘precise automation’ in the packaging process. This is enhanced by a robotic palletiser. A wrapping cell on the ground floor completes the packaging process.

RMGroup said the system achieves speeds of up to 18 bags per minute, depending on the product being bagged.

Edward Rees, RMGroup’s MD, said, “2007 was the year that RMGroup made the first portable bagging and robotic palletising system – the first company in the world to pioneer this concept. As with many of the products within the mobile bagging range of machinery, they have evolved based on customer demand to bag product at source.

“Building on the containerised product range makes sense for our overseas customers. Today’s model includes a wrapping container which also applies a top sheet to protect palletised product. We’ve gone one step further in fixtures and fittings to provide a fully functioning ‘factory in a box’ environment to enhance the ease of maintenance, keep personnel safe, and create an ambient operating temperature to increase the life expectancy of equipment.

“Those looking for a system of this kind needn’t worry about planning permission. It can be picked up and relocated within hours.”

To support the company’s sustainability commitments, the containers utilised in the system are said to be designed with ‘eco-friendly principles’.