QR codes tipped to incentivise consumer recycling of water bottles

RECYCLING tech specialist Polytag has agreed a partnership with One Water that will see its unique QR codes printed onto selected products to incentivise recycling and provide insight into the lifecycle of the brand’s packaging.

The collaboration, which follows Polytag’s partnerships with Ocado, Co-op and Aldi, will provide One Water with a new marketing tool and set the stage for a ‘revolutionary’ approach to traceability.

When consumers scan Polytag’s GS1 Digital Link QR codes, they will be transported to the One Water website, where they can immerse themselves in the brand’s story.

The QR codes are tipped to enable One Water to take a ‘significant’ step towards ensuring the bottles can be traced through the supply chain. Polytag technology provides lifecycle data that can be used to help inform a sustainability strategy, inspire campaigns, and make recycling more rewarding for customers.

The tech also delivers an opportunity for brands to improve their understanding of where products are purchased, consumed, and disposed of, as well as how each person interacts with their packaging.

While standard QR codes simply direct to a webpage, Polytag explained that its technology delivers additional benefits to brands and retailers. Alongside the marketing opportunities, the company’s tags can be read throughout the supply chain, from POS to recycling centre.

Alice Rackley, CEO of Polytag, said, “This collaboration with One Water represents a significant milestone in leveraging technology for brand promotion while contributing to the betterment of society. Through this initiative, we aim to redefine the way customers engage with brands and their stories. Our QR codes offer hyper-relevant content about the product the customer is holding, something no other QR code can do right now.”

Duncan Goose, founder at One Water, added, “We’re excited to embark on this journey with Polytag. Their QR-based technology enables our customers to connect with us and learn more about what we do, whilst also providing us with additional insights and opportunities to reduce our impact and future proof our brand. This partnership further reinforces our commitment to being the UK’s leading ethical hydration brand.”

Products to feature Polytag’s codes will be One Water’s 500ml still and sparkling water plastic bottles, the 750ml plastic bottle with a sports cap, 330ml still and sparkling water glass bottles, and the 750ml still and sparkling water glass bottles.