Markem-Imaje looks to ‘trigger’ breakthrough in portable coding and marking

MARKEM-Imaje has introduced a new product designed to enhance the flexibility of its equipment for direct coding on a range of surfaces and sizes, including objects as large as aircraft wings.

The Marking Trigger Device, which was invented by a Markem-Imaje product expert as part of an internal innovation competition, is said to enable direct coding onto an object, regardless of its position or environmental conditions.

Markem-Imaje explained that while some applications can be printed directly on a conveyor, some products or objects are more complex to code due to their size, shape or nature, particularly in industries such as aviation and automotive.

The Marking Trigger Device has the potential for use on large and unwieldly objects, large tubes and pipes and construction materials. Another major use could be for reworking existing materials that are already installed far from a production line or workshop, without the need to dismantle, move and reassemble them. Additionally, it can be quickly installed on the printhead or handheld by the operator, and each code is automatically triggered onto the object.

Guillaume Montagnat, product marketing manager at Markem-Imaje, said, “The Marking Trigger device empowers customers to code what they need, where they need it, and bolsters the flexibility of the Markem-Imaje marking and coding solutions. With this device, customers in a broad range of industries can now easily and cost-effectively print on objects that were previously difficult to reach.”

The device has been engineered according to the Intelli’Design principle, with handheld code-triggering properties that address ‘hard-to-reach’ applications or conveyor-less production environments.

Markem-Imaje described the solution as ‘easy and quick’ to install, with captive screws that can be set up in minutes. It has a plug-and-play connection to the printer, and no power supply is needed. Precision is boosted by a fixed head/distance brackets and an embedded encoder. It is available for 9330, 9450, and 97XX printhead series.