Berlin Packaging acquires beauty and cosmetic solutions specialist

BERLIN Packaging has completed the acquisition of Nest-Filler PKG Co, a packaging supplier focused on beauty and cosmetic products.

Established in 2003 by Steve Shim and located near Seoul, South Korea, Nest-Filler offers a broad portfolio of plastic and glass packaging products with a ‘significant’ focus on sustainability.

Berlin Packaging said Nest-Filler’s in-house research and development centre helps customers with ‘trend-forward’ packaging that uses post-consumer resin (PCR), refill technology, or other environmentally friendly solutions.

“This is a highly strategic acquisition for Berlin Packaging that expands our presence in Asia-Pacific and adds to our growing global beauty and cosmetic capabilities,” said Bill Hayes, Berlin Packaging’s global CEO and president. “This acquisition also offers our customers even greater access to premium skincare packaging made in South Korea, the industry leader for skincare products.”

Steve Shim, Nest-Filler’s CEO, added, “We are very pleased to join Berlin Packaging, and we are eager to take an exciting step forward to provide our customers with access to Berlin Packaging’s impressive suite of packaging products and services while sharing our innovative packaging solutions.”

Berlin Packaging said all employees and locations for the acquisition will be retained.