Award success for recently launched Ishida X-ray system

ISHIDA’S IX-PD X-ray inspection system has been named Best Food Safety Innovation at the Gulfood Manufacturing Industry Excellence Awards.

The machine boasts a new sensor and image processing technology, which Ishida said delivers the ‘highest level of detection sensitivity’, producing an ‘ultra-high’ resolution and clearer image than conventional X-ray systems.

As a result, the model can detect both low-density and very small size foreign bodies with ‘excellent’ accuracy. It is also capable of detecting foreign bodies in applications where products are overlapping or standing up in a pack.

In tests, Ishida said the IX-PD demonstrated near 100% detection rates for bones in a variety of products including chicken, diced meat and sausages.

The enhanced detection capabilities minimise the need for manual inspections, and the machine’s ability to recognise the difference between food and foreign bodies with ‘high accuracy’ is said to reduce the rate of detection errors.

“While food manufacturers already impose rigorous quality and safety standards, today even the smallest error can have serious consequences for a company’s or brand’s image,” said Dominika Puszczynska, product manager for X-ray Inspection System of Ishida Europe. “The IX-PD was therefore developed to offer businesses the best sensitivity and complete confidence in the effectiveness of their quality control procedures. We are extremely proud that this major advance in X-ray inspection technology has been recognised by the winning of this prestigious award.”