Strapping & wrapping specialist expands its machinery and tool ranges

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For 30 years, Kwikpac has been a trusted provider of end-of-line packaging solutions. The company offers a range of solutions that enable businesses to streamline their packaging processes and increase efficiency.

Kwikpac have expanded their popular KwikFilm and KwikStrap machine ranges with new and innovative stretch wrapping machines, automatic strapping machines, semi-automatic strapping machines and battery powered strapping tools, designed to meet the varying needs of customers in different industries. The company seeks to enhance its ability to provide high-quality packaging solutions, improve its efficiency and meet the growing demand for its products. It plans to continue investing in state-of-the-art machinery to optimise its production processes and expand its market presence.

Fully automated pallet wrapping and strapping systems are available for high-output companies, offering a range of automated features including stacking, banding, palletising and storage. The range of KwikFilm semi and automatic stretch wrappers and KwikStrap strapping machines can provide a cost-effective solution for smaller or medium transport businesses seeking to speed up the manual palletising process.

Their range of stretch wrapping and strapping machines can handle all types of loads, from irregular shapes to fully cubed loads. They offer complete solutions to palletise loads securely and efficiently, helping thousands of businesses across the UK to save more and waste less every year.

Notably, the KwikFilm machine film range is proving to be very popular since its relaunch in June this year. “Our 5 KwikFilm brands of multi-layered stretch film all provide great strength and are also uniquely formulated to have a thinner and more elastic structure. This reduction in film usage allows for huge savings versus regular films as less film is used, wrapped pallet loads are lighter and when used in conjunction with a Kwikpac pallet wrapper, stretch film applications are optimized resulting in minimal wastage,” explains Marketing Manager, Laura Mackay.

Kwikpac helps their clients to select the right stretch film and machines for businesses based on wrapping patterns and suggests areas where film reinforcement may be necessary for improved stability. Their load containment team are committed to ensuring efficient and effective wrapping for their clients’ products, making sure they arrive at their destination safely.

The company firmly believe in offering their customers an all-round packaging service with an after-care service, training & maintenance. Their engineers install new machinery alongside basic training and scheduled maintenance to avoid downtime and keep businesses running smoothly.

With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Kwikpac has built a reputation as a leader in the industry. Whether it’s packaging equipment or expert advice, Kwikpac has the experience and expertise to help businesses succeed.

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