OMRON expands automation portfolio with innovative Industrial Part Feeder

One-stop solution combining the iPF feeding system, robots, vision and software cuts design and commissioning time by 70%

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OMRON, a global leader in industrial automation solutions, has announced the latest addition to its wide robotics solutions portfolio, the Industrial Part Feeder (iPF). Specifically designed for efficient component unbulking, the iPF streamlines packaging, sorting, and inspection processes across diverse industries.

By seamlessly integrating the iPF with OMRON’s SCARA and articulated robots, as well as vision systems and software, OMRON offers a comprehensive all-in-one solution that reduces design and commissioning time by an impressive 70%. The entire solution can be controlled through a single software platform.

The iPF enhances flexibility, speed, and precision on the production line while reducing floor space utilization and cycle time for rapid product changeover. With its advanced 3-axis technology, the iPF system swiftly moves parts in all directions, eliminates build-up in corners and edges, prevents part recirculation, and handles delicate components smoothly with precise frequency and amplitude control. This technology ensures optimal efficiency even on structured, slotted, or perforated platforms.

The iPF series comprises three models tailored to different component sizes:

  • The iPF-240 is ideal for small flat or cubic components measuring 5 to 40 millimeters, including electronic components, fuses, screws, fasteners, and washers.
  • The iPF-380 feeder suits components ranging from 15 to 60 millimeters, making it suitable for complex fasteners, large-volume parts, and joints.
  • The iPF-530 accommodates larger components sized between 30 and 150 millimeters, such as large complex housings and bearings.

Key benefits of the iPF solution include:

Flexibility: The industrial part feeder series can accommodate a diverse range of parts, including components with complex geometries or delicate surfaces.

Efficient part separation: With advanced vibration technology, the feeder series effectively separates and presents parts in a controlled manner, minimizing the risk of jams, tangling, or misalignment.

Rapid changeover: The iPF feeder facilitates quick and easy changeovers between different parts.

Precise control: The iPF feeders offer precise control over part feeding, allowing for accurate positioning and alignment.

Scalability: Whether it’s a small-scale operation or a large-scale manufacturing facility, the feeder series can be scaled up or down to meet specific production needs.

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