Berry Global launches new upmarket reusable plastic cup range

BERRY Global has unveiled a new range of upmarket reusable plastic cups for the foodservice industry.

The launch comes to meet demand for alternative solutions to single-use packaging.

Available in a variety of sizes for hot and cold beverages, including soups, and described as ‘ideal’ for both on-site and takeaway requirements, the Berry Cup Range combines reusability with a ‘premium’ quality feel and ‘high-impact’ branding opportunities.

The new drinking cups are said to be ‘exceptionally’ durable and have a reusable feel. Berry said that all are dishwasher safe and have an inside stacking rim and ribs for with smooth curves for improved cleaning, which also ensures that they retain their premium quality feel even after they have been used several times.

Despite their durability, the cups are lightweight and can be recycled when they finally reach their end of life, as they are made from high-quality polypropylene (PP) which is safe for food contact and easy to recycle.

In addition, the Berry Cup Range has been designed to offer brands full customisation opportunities to further elevate the customer experience.

Emma Gundersen, product designer at Berry Superfos, said, “We aimed to create a range of plastic cups that is not only reusable but also serve as a canvas for customised expressions for individual businesses. The unique rib structure makes the cups visually appealing and adds a touch of elegance. On top of that, customers can create their own unique look for their brands by playing with the in-mould Labelling (IML) space and having logos and messages printed on the cup.”

The reusable cups can incorporate an RFID chip or QR code to provide additional customer engagement. The RFID chip offers the ability to set up a streamlined automatic return deposit system and refill options, it also ensures efficient cup maintenance through wash cycle tracking and inventory management.

Josef Björck, VP of Berry CPI Food Service, added, “The Berry cup range is an example of how we help our customers to reduce waste and to minimise their environmental footprint and use of virgin materials. Our focus as a packaging supplier is to optimise the design process with sustainability in mind, incorporating elements such as reusability and recyclability whilst still offering our customers the opportunity to make their brand stand out with high-quality packaging solutions.”