Berlin Packaging expands spirits packaging range

BERLIN Packaging has announced an expansion of its spirits packaging range at Luxe Pack Monaco.

The company is presenting seven bottles at the trade fair, with proposals described as focusing on ‘originality and emotion’.

There are ‘classically inspired’ shapes with contemporary details, highlighted by TINA and CÔME carafes, and also more unusual lines of BEBEL and CLEEF bottles designed for whisky producers. The portfolio also includes ‘refined’ conical forms of NORAH and HARON, and shapes that emphasise ‘creativity and craftsmanship’ in designing ideas with a strong visual impact of OTTO bottle.

“Luxe Pack 2023 represents a great opportunity for us to reaffirm our distinctive identity as an 360° one-stop shop for spirits packaging,” said Paolo Recrosio, CEO Berlin Packaging EMEA. “Our expertise in design and innovation, manufacturing services, logistics management and the international supply chain we offer, combined with endless sourcing capabilities and distribution capillarity make Berlin Packaging | Spirits unique in the sector.

“This is why, in addition to announcing the extension of our packaging range for distillers in each sector, we chose to give a preview of our communication campaign where both the packaging genesis and, above all, the products are the protagonists, together with the head and heart of those who populate the supply chain. And we are among them, with our distinctive creative and collective approach to the spirits market based on design thinking that guarantees the success of our projects.”

Berlin Packaging | Spirits is supported by Studio One Eleven, the company’s ‘innovation engine’. Berlin explained that each project is evaluated and managed with a comprehensive approach including product design and planning, prototyping, decoration, secondary packaging, and branding.

“Through our approach we are able to offer the optimal packaging solution for every need: innovative, sustainable, cutting-edge and customised,” added Matteo Vitale, chief sales officer of Berlin Packaging EMEA. “Our strategy of complete openness towards our customers allows us to work alongside them to offer all the sector-specific expertise that only a company like Berlin Packaging can offer.

“Of course, the project always focuses on the spirits product, enhancing the brand identity in conjunction with the history and special characteristics of the spirit.”

Berlin revealed that, in essence, solutions developed for the spirits market produced by the firm incorporate three crucial components. These include market intelligence, a collaborative design thinking approach to innovation, where Studio One Eleven plays a pivotal role, alongside input from sales, marketing, and other industry experts. Additionally, the packaging is aligned with end-market dynamics. A value proposition is articulated, which aims to position the product in the proper context supported by the relevant packaging.